Trinity Presbyterian Church Omagh

Regular Sunday services are held from 11.30am to 12.30pm every Sunday. The church is equipped with a speaker system which has the ‘loop’ system built in for hearing aid users. There is disabled wheelchair access to the church from the rear door nearest the gate which leads on to Fairmount Road and there is space in the front row of pews nearest the walls on either side of the nave for wheelchairs.

Sunday School and Bible class are held in the Church Hall and run from September to June each year. The children go to these after the Children’s address which is half way through the main service and are then collected outside, after the service is over, in the church car park.

Sunday Services

Christmas Services

Trinity usually holds its Christmas Carol service on the third Sunday of December. Members of the Sunday School sing carols led by Wendy Irwin. We also usually have a short joint Christmas Day service at 11am during which St. Eugene’s Band leads the carols.



There is a Good Friday service at 7.30pm in our sister church, Gillygooley Presbyterian, and an Easter Sunday service in Trinity at the usual time of 11.30am, during which the new Trinity communicants are received.

Children’s Day

Trinity has a special Children’s Day service which is usually held on the second Sunday of June each year. The children of the Sunday School and Bible Class receive presents and awards for various achievements during the year, like good attendance at Sunday School.

Trinity’s Harvest Service is usually held on the third Sunday in October at the regular time of 11.30am and there is an evening service at 7pm in either Trinity or Gillygooley.